Those reading "A Pure and Simple Faith"
will learn that...

Poetry is a way of life and life an ever changing,
never ending poem.  A poet cannot help but take
his pen in hand and record life’s joys and sorrows,
while life continues on, blissfully unaware of the
need for metrical pattern or imagery, yet creating
it on a day to day basis whether in limerick, elegy
or sonnet.  It is all there for the taking.

Poetry is a dance with God, close and intimate,
or jitterbugging across Eden’s fertile valley. 

Poetry is the wonder and awe of one minute bit of
dust in an infinite universe trying to understand it all.

Poetry is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

"A Pure and Simple Faith" reflects the author’s
continuing love of God in a world filled with temptation,
disappointment, and heartache. . 

About the Author:

Ruth Nott is a native Floridian, but has traveled to many of the United States during her growth as a woman, wife, mother, sister, christian, quilter, and poet.  Ruth says, "Life is too varied, exciting, disappointing, adverturous, tragic, and comical not to write about it.  My poetry reflects my life, my emotions, my dreams, and my faith and continues to emerge in unexpected spurts at unexpected times." 

"Publication has not been a top priority in my life; although, I have been published in various anthologies and small press magazines and newsletters over the years, such as... Poetry Canada Magazine, Sea Oats Review Literary Magazine of the Panama City Writers Association, The Funny Papers, Mahogany and Molasses,  The Easterner (a publication of the State Farm Insurance Company),,, and various anthologies of the International Library of Poetry."

"I've been writing poetry since childhood, but never saved or cataloged any of it until later in life when I found them an outlet for emotions too long repressed.  I hope you enjoy my book 'A Pure and Simple Faith'."

Sample Poems from the book:

The Number of Our Days

In the twilight of the evening,
I wonder where the day has gone.
Did I find its full potential
with the rising of the sun?
When I yawned and closed my eyes
in the midday's burning heat,
did my body need the rest
while the hours skipped a beat?
Did the loss of those few minutes
cause the day to go awry?
Did I need to gain them back again?
Should I have even tried?
When the dark turns then to midnight
and myhours all expire,
will they be renewed again
as another day transpires?
These are things we'll never know
until they come about
for no promises were made
for the time we try to count,
As the tides go in and out,
so our lives will ebb and flow
and the number of our days
only God can ever know!

The Melodies of Your Soul

Somewhere beyond the pain and agony
which childbirth can impart,
the mewling cry of a newborn babe
tugs at the strings of your heart.

Quietly now it nestles
curled in the crook of your arm
breathing a gentle rhythm
this angel in human form,

absorbing your warmth and your love,
filling an empty hole,
singing a song written ages ago
in the melodies of your soul.

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"A Pure and Simple Faith"
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NEW - After the Rain (Click here for info)
By Ruth Y. Nott - (Available at

Garden of Faith (Click here for info)
By Ruth Y. Nott  - (Available on

Family Matters (Click here for info)
By Ruth Y. Nott, W. David MacKenzie, Peggy S. Overbey, Fred MacKenzie, Tarja Keddell, and Chunnan Wang (Available on

Crazy Patch (Click here for info)
By Ruth Y. Nott  (Available on

Haiku for Lovers (Click here for info)
By Ruth Y. Nott  (Available on

Where Memory Lingers
By Ruth Y. Nott (Available on

A Pure and Simple Faith   (Buy on CD! See Sidebar)
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Copyright 2005
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"Family Matters"
$9.95 USD
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"Family Matters"
An Eclectic Family Anthology

Copyright 2006
By:  W. David MacKenzie
      Peggy S. Overbey
      Fred MacKenzie
      Tarja Keddrell
      Chunnan Wang
      Ruth Y. Nott


This book is dedicated to all those who came before, to their strength and determination and to the love they shared in the creating of a family bond which endures today.

In today's society we can pass the time in a million different ways. We can listen to music that mirrors our moods or watch television on more than five hundred channels; some people play sports on a sandlot team or immerse themselves in virtual worlds of magic and monsters; others turn to writing and share their imagination or experiences with avid readers across the globe. The members of our family seem to have adopted writing as our "expression of choice" in the creation of this book.

Writing is a varied art form--novels, short stories, essays, poems, diaries, letters to loved ones--all have had their allure to different members of our family at different times. Within these pages you'll find our thoughts and emotions and whimsy; reviewed, dissected, examined and put on display in formal verse and free flowing prose. This book is offered from our hearts to yours and we hope you will find it both fulfilling and inspiring.

Love is everything.  It is in the joining which plants the seed.  It is in the first flutter of life in a mother’s womb.  Love fills every heart in the delivery room when that child is born.

Love guides, and teaches, and protects as that child grows and learns to love in return.  It is the bond which keeps you ever connected to your family no matter how far apart life’s circum-stances may keep you.  It gives you joy, pride, and concern for each and everyone in your family circle. 

Love can also bring heartache, fear, and loss; but, in time, can overcome all of these when combined with faith.  The power of love is proven and eternal.  The strength of a family is measured in hugs and laughter, generosity and caring, forgiveness, understanding, and communication.

We are a strong family – one which acknowledges its imperfect-ions and embraces its differences.  We know that family matters and we hope that by combining our talents within these pages we have helped to forge an even stronger unit.

Although the everyday barriers of life (such as time and distance, jobs and circumstances beyond our control) may keep us physically separated, we cannot, and must not, let those things build a wall between our hearts and souls.  We are forever connected because…. family matters.
"Crazy Patch"
by Ruth Y. Nott
Copyright 2007

Just as the pieces of a Crazy Patch quilt are varied in size and shape and sewn together with stitches fancy or plain, our lives vary from day to day and year to year, and are sewn together with stitches of love, some fancy and meticulously done, some plain and simple, some fraying over time. 

This collection of poems is representative of my crazy patch life, some bright and new, some showing their age, some seemingly finding their way here from an alternate universe.  Just as our lives twist and turn on a whim, so does this poetry patchwork.

"Crazy Patch"
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"Haiku for Lovers"
By Ruth Y. Nott

Life in Seventeen Syllables
(Linked, Non-Traditional Haiku)

“Haiku for Lovers” is dedicated “to love’s idea - to love, the experience - to love unending”.  Come take a journey into reality, into life in seventeen syllables.  See how love begins, grows, and changes over time. 

Haiku was the beginning,  a three-line poem with syllable counts of 5, 7, 5, no rhyme and no particular metre, with a reference to the seasons of the year, which is considered obligatory in Japan.  Then it evolved in to haikai (linked haiku), senryu (haiku without a seasonal reference, dealing with human nature), and other various forms with various differences.  The dividing lines can become blurred, and Ruth’s lines may better be described as senryu’ however, she prefers the use of the more recognizable term of haiku for her title. 

Delving into love from its earliest playful beginnings to its passionate consummation, through losses from death to betrayal, Ruth shows that, in the end, love is enduring even if only in memory.

"Haiku for Lovers"
$9.95 USD
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sales tax
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"Where Memory Lingers"
$9.95 USD
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"Where Memory Lingers"
By Ruth Y. Nott

For some of us, there are times in our lives when reality seems hard to endure.  In those times we find ourselves drawn or lured into passionate fantasies which we know are neither morally nor spiritually acceptable, but which, at those times, we cannot resist.
We can only look back upon those times with regret and ask forgiveness of those we hurt by our actions.

Even then, as the years go by, we find there are many people we can’t forget.  Some were just passing fancies and exist only as wispy wraiths in the dark corners of our minds, but others… others “left footprints on our hearts” and will never be forgotten.

These poems and essays come from where memory lingers, from those times when reality was not where we wanted to be.

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"Garden of Faith"
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A Pure and Simple Faith
By Ruth Y. Nott
Garden of Faith (2nd Ed)
By Ruth Y. Nott

Have you ever felt uncertain, alone, without  courage, and shaken in your beliefs?  Have you found comfort in the advice of friends, or in the inspirational or spiritual words of a poem?  Words from a friend or a favorite book can help, can give us back our courage and faith, can help us to understand and to hurt less, can show us that we are not the first, nor the last, to experience the feelings of hopelessness.

The touching, often lyrical poems in Garden of Faith will soothe and calm, refresh your spirit and touch on some of the questions and doubts we all face in our search for personal happiness and spiritual healing.

Ruth's latest book is a two-fold venture into bringing her own faith, commitment and hopeful attitude to others in need.  Combining all the poems you loved in her first book  A Pure and Simple Faith with as many more fresh new poems of love, faith and gratitude, Garden of Faith will enlighten, uplift, and encourage.

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After the Rain
By Ruth Y. Nott

Contained within the pages of After the Rain you will find poems of faith and inspiration, poems based on self-analysis, family, love, and humourous verses included to lighten your spirits.  Ruth's poetry is often rhyming, lyrical, and she uses a varied application of form.

The poems reflect her faith and realization that God is everywhere and all-knowing, her sensitivity to everyday events, and her vulnerability to the uncertainty of love.

A little something for everyone can be found within the pages of After the Rain.  You may be moved or amused, but certainly entertained with ruth's sixth book of poetry.

The Hiding Place

There is no earthly hiding place
where thy love cannot shine.
We cannot sneak away and hide
for all the world is thine.

We cannot hide within our hearts
for you reside in there
and fill it with your holy light...
no shadows anywhere!

The only place we have to hide
from troubles and despair
is tucked away in thine own arms
protected in they care.


Somewhere I've tucked away
my memory of you.
I've pushed it out of sight.
What else could I do?

Time has gone on without stopping
as time is wont to do,
and you are there without me
while I am here without you.

And yet our love still lingers,
soft and honey-sweet,
a taste of dawn and midnight,
mountain high and river deep.
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